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Romasoft corporation was registered with the registrar of companies (CIPC) in South Africa as Romasoft (PTY) LTD in 2014. The company (Romasoft) named after its owners who are software developers, was initialed to attend to the world’s needs in software development and hosting with a focus to empower businesses who could not afford good software, hosting services and cloud and backup services from the multinational corporations.
From a small scale base software company developing powerful software for the small to medium organisations, Romasoft is growing to a multinational corporation with the small scale businesses at heart. We continue to provide cheap but powerful software to small-medium business companies and organisations. Our base and foundation has been the small scale businesses and they have empowered us to where we are.

Because of the vision Romasoft has, its growth has been in months increasing in the customer base every week. Our focus has not been lost and we continue to develop software in Schools, Industries, Financial Markets, Shops, Warehouses, trade and transportation industries, NPOs and Governmental Organisations etc.

Our customer base is global. We have been able to create software specific to certain companies and also to suit the global demands. We bend towards the needs of our customers to meet them right at what matters to them. In unity we grow as ROMASOFT.

Who We Are

We are a hosting and cloud services corporation, hosting websites and databases for multi-national corporations. We also provide cloud services and backup facilities to green computing companies and those who wish to go green. Romasoft is also ad-venting into data provision. The vision is big. Walk with us.

Our Amazing Skills

Engineering 98%
98% Complete
Hosting 95%
95% Complete
Software Development 90%
90% Complete
Clouding 70%
70% Complete
Web Design 98%
98% Complete

our Team

Meet Our Team

Ronald Mweshi / Co-Founder

Engineer, Website Developer, Technical Director

Marcus Tema / Co-Founder

Software Developer, Education Specialist, Marketing Director

Dorothy Mutiti / Director Marketing

Engineer, Marketing Alliance, Events Cordinator

Ivy Stern / Software Development Manager

Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, SAS Specialist


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