Become a backbone for the world”s technological needs. We envisage and work towards a day when the name Romasoft will not only be the household name, but also a name that will signify boundless technology from all sectors of society. Romasoft will one day be a corporation without limits. Take this to the bank.


To invade any computer technology and make a mark on every technological product manufactured in the world. We sojourn to have every computer and computer products from the space to the core of the earth to have something to do with Romasoft software wise.


We believe that the current competition on the software market has brought remarkable change in the computer industry but also believe that its not enough. Romasoft believes the computer industry can work wonders towards human growth, climate stability, food production, natural resources, health, justice and in alleviating poverty in the neglected parts of the world, instead the computer industry is used as a one company gain.

The fundamentals of knowledge growth has been forgotten, which in a few words is, to empower human and the surrounding for a better society and a better today and tomorrow. We exist not for our selves but for the good of others and in turn receive the good we give. Our talents and knowledge are not for us to abuse others but to bless and empower others.

If computer companies do not have such a belief or even more than this, they do not deserve the support they receive from offering their talent.