School Management System

The Romasoft School Management system(SMS) is one project that has taken small scale business by storm. Many of our clients have been amazed on how possible it has been for them to have what they have considered the best software in students and school management at a very small price which at most is not paid in cash but spread over months and years to the most.

The School management system software is a desktop application database meant to manage the School in sectors such as,Customer Enquiries, Student registrations, Student Finances and Accounts, Payments, Students” Academics records, Library, Employees and Lecturers/Teachers, Students Attendance Records, Class Progress reporting, School Assets Management, School Petty Cash Income and Expenditure Records etc.

For a school, this is affordable software. Our software can do more things than their software in terms of school management and on top of that you have a choice to keep the database on your premises on your own server or to have us keep your records on our cloud servers. Take control of your data with ROMASOFT.

Order you database now and you have a chance to include your own specifications and customisations which Romasoft will implement for you for free.

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