Servers are the core components for the smooth running of all network types. The machinery has evolved over the years such that maintenance require very skilled workers to keep your world in order without a blink. Imagine if you walk up one day and all your favorite search engines were off for maintenance. Such a situation would cause disturbance in the way people search the internet on a daily basis.

Romasoft will provide you with suitable server service team to help you keep your presence on the internet without ever going offline. The maintenance of these machines is critical and done diligently such that there shouldn’t be any disturbance in the network. If one server goes down and you don’t have any idea what struck the network, it could be a very frustrating moment especially if there is no technician to determine the cause of the hiccup.

We install and maintain servers in all types of environments. These include Linux, Unix and Windows servers from different hardware manufacturers such as dell, IBM, HP etc. We have capable server doctors to help you grow your internet presence and services.

Romasoft will help you install Backup Servers, DHCP, DNS, Domain Controllers, Proxy, VPN, etc. We will help you access your office from any part of the world. You will be able to do Video Conferencing from the airplane to your boardroom, from any part of the world to your company environment.

We will setup your cloud solutions for storage as well as group work. Call Romasoft now for your server solutions.

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