Are you an entrepreneur, and accountant firm, a law firm, a school, business enterprise, and organisation? Are you using any form of domain controlled network? Is there any form of server technology used in your company or organisation, are you using public emails that have no baring to your company?
We offer the Following Services:

Software Development:

  • Computer Desktop Application for office management.
  • Smart Phone Application for work on the Go.
  • Database Integration and Development using SQL and MySQL.
  • Website Development and Architecture.
  • Web Applications Development.
  • Accounting Software and POS Software.
  • School Management Systems.
  • Wholesale Management Systems.
  • Security Management Systems (Biometric Security).

Many More Customised Software according to the needs of the customer. If you can imagine it then we can make it. Time is the answer

Engineering and Technical

  • Server Engineering, Repairs and Maintenance
  • PC Engineering, Repairs and Maintenance
  • Software Testing and Fault finding
  • Network Architectural development and layout
  • Data Integrity Checking and Backup services